Master/Limit explained

Master/Limit explained

This guide is intended to explain users the way Master and Limit works in the Luminode.

In order to get to this function you click on the Master/Limit icon    when configuring a process engine. This opens the MASTER / LIMIT pop up window

First you have to define the Master / Limit control source by clicking on the gear wheel at the far right under the "Apply" button.
This opens the option to choose the protocol used for the control, ArtNet or sACN, the universe you want to use and you can narrow it down to one specific IP address which will be able to control this function.

Once all this has been configured you can assign control channels to each channel in the universe. This can be one control channel for every channel or you can only select a few channels or use multiple control channels.

Then we need to choose if we want this control to be Master or Limit.


When choosing the Master option we configure a control channel to act like a grand master on a lighting desk. You can reduce the output level whilst the relationship between channels is kept intact.

For example:

Channel 1 = 80%
Channel 2 = 90%
Channel 3 = 50%

If we now reduce the master channel to 80% the channels will output as follows:

Channel 1 = 60%
Channel 2 = 70%
Channel 3 = 30%


When choosing the Limit option we configure a control channel to set a limit to the output. In this case the relationship between channels is not being respected.

For example:

Channel 1 = 75%
Channel 2 = 60%
Channel 3 = 50%

If we now set the limit channel to be 70% the result will be as follows:

Channel 1  = 70%
Channel 2 = 60%
Channel 3 = 50%

As the result shows, channel 1 has been reduced but channels 2 and 3 haven't been affected.

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