Gigacore Switches and Avid S6L

Gigacore Switches and Avid S6L

As most of you probably know by now, Gigacore switches can be used to connect the different units in an Avid S6L system.

The procedure to configure Gigacore switches is described by Avid in this document :

Complimentary Template Profiles

In addition to the following guide, you will find, in the attachements to this article, template profiles with these conffiguration already done for you.
In these profiles, AVB is enabled on Group 1. All ports are assigned to Group 1 by default.
The hello time for STP is set as per AVID recommendation.
Please note that these profile have been generated on lab equipment so you might want to select the "No IP Settings" option when you recall them.
These profiles are provided as example. They are provided "as is" with no support.

If you prefer to do this configurations manually, here is a guide :

Pre -requisites :

  1. S6L software version 6.3 and up
  2. Gigacore firmware 2.8.3 and up

Gigacore configuration :

  1. Set the STP Hello Time to 1s
To do so, connect to the CLI of the Gigacore and enter the following commands :
# configure terminal
(config)# spanning-tree mst hello-time 1
(config)# end
# copy running-config startup-config

  1. Enable AVB on the desired group

  1. Go to the Group Tab
  2. Select the group you want to use
  3. Click on "Advanced"
  4. In the AVB section, click on the "enabled button"
  5. Click "Apply"
Then you will need to assign ports to this group :

  1. Select the Group tab
  2. Select your previously configured group
  3. Click on the ports which you want assigned to this group
  4. Click "Assign"
And you're done!

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