Feature: Custom Epaper / E-Ink picture

Feature: Custom Epaper / E-Ink picture

Custom Epaper / E-Ink display

Affected devices: All GigaCore switches with Electronic Paper / E-Ink display
Minimal firmware version: v1.3.0

Starting from firmware version v1.3.0, it is possible to upload a custom .PNG image to your GigaCore and show this image on the E-Ink display.
The .PNG file has to be 200px by 200px in size. The GigaCore will convert the image to black and white.

This is a profile settings, which means that each profile can have a different custom E-Ink image.

ConfigurationTo configure the E-Ink to show the custom E-Ink display, follow these steps:

1. Go to the web interface of your GigaCore.
2. Select the 'Device settings' tab
3. Scroll down to the "E-ink settings" box

4. Move the toggle from 'standard' mode to 'custom'
5. Click the "Change image" button to upload a .png file that is 200px by 200px large
5. If the image is successfully uploaded, you will see a preview of the black/white conversion in your browser. Note that the E-Ink display itself isn't updated yet.

6. If you are not happy with image, you can cancel the operation or upload another image.
8. Optionally, the black and white colors can be inverted:
7. If you are happy with the result. Use the 'Apply' button to show the new image on the E-Ink display. Refreshing the display can take a couple of seconds.

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